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Where It All Began

With a 30 year history of working in the arts and creative practice, Tania Rose created Artscope Music and Management in 1996 as a vehicle to bridge the corridor between creative practice and therapy. Aware of the power of creativity for the individual to discover, grow and find peace in an increasingly challenging society, Artscope services, projects and programs bring together wisdom from the therapeutic field and creativity from our cultural roots, providing opportunities for people to experience, express and deepen their sense of self.

Since the beginning Artscope has been committed to helping people develop ways to express themselves through the arts including music, visual art, dance/movement, and the expressive arts. Artscope Music & Management provides unique and personalised methods of discovery, creating an environment to nurture, educate and encourage people to explore and develop new ways of being.

  • Individual creative sessions

  • Workshop series

  • Corporate and bespoke programs

  • Online groups

  • Online education

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